German Shorthaired

German Shorthaired Pointers Dogs



The German Shorthaired Pointer Dogs generally belong to the medium to large sized breed of dogs that were developed back in 19th century in Germany for the purpose of hunting. The classes of these types of dogs are efficient yet influential. They have muscular and strong legs that make them capable to move quickly and spin fast. They have quite long and soft ears that are usually set high on the head. Its muzzle is long, broad, and strong, that permits it to get back even to serious game. Overall, the profile of this dog is more or less straight or strongly Roman nosed. Their eyes are usually brown with a generally docked tail, which is now banned in some of the places.

The correct location for dock for German shorthaired pointer dogs is after the caudal vertebrae start to twist, which leaves sufficient tail to let the dog be in touch with others through tail wagging and progress.  The docked tail should neither be too long nor too short but it should stabilize the look of the head and body of the dog and make it look balanced and proportional. The tail of German shorthaired pointers is accepted at a jaunty angle, not bent under. Just like all other German pointers, they also have webbed feet. They are identified for going after water fowl in the water.

The coat of German shorthaired pointer’s is quite short and smooth with a very thick undercoat that is sheltered through the hairs of the dog. It makes the coat too water resistant which allows the dog to keep warm when they get in contact with cold air or water. They generally have brown or dark brown color which is often referred as chocolate colored. They are also called black colored in some of the areas where they are subjected to ineligibility in shows that are sanctioned by American Kennel Club. These kinds of breed are quite intelligent and very quick. They are very independent in nature and can be handled easily because they do not get easily lost even if you lose them off your sight. They have a superb skill of hunting accompanied by a personality that is incredibly companionable. Because of its high intelligence and the obedience towards the owner, it is acknowledged as one of the most trusted and popular breeds in the world.

They need various types of physical training and activities and they are capable and excited about lots of work out and exercise with running and jumping. Their requirement to exercise a lot is coupled with their natural sense that needs to hunt because it completes them as a well trained breed. The GSP’s undeniably self-sufficient character means that any vacant energy will most probably result in the amusement of the dog itself. It can produce many unavoidable and destructive tendencies if the owner fails to provide him with a surrounding to offer active and intelligent exercise and an atmosphere where it can get its proper training.