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Dog House Construction | Roofing Materials

Dog House Construction:  Roofing Materials

roofingWhen you are building your dog’s house you want to keep in mind that it is for your pet, it doesn’t have to be detailed or elaborate. Your dog will be happy with any space so long as you remember the basics. Keeping these tips in mind will help you to make something that is practical for many years to come. You can be as creative as you want, but you shouldn’t be intimidated with creating a dog house. Only do what you are comfortable with.


The type of roofing you choose to construct your dog house with his by far the most important aspect of the entire construction project. This is because your roof is your first line of defense against the elements and this is what’s going to be protecting your dog from both the harsh sun in the summer and the brutal rains and Wind and snow in the winter.

As we’re located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada we had to pay extra special attention to our roofing choice and have opted for a permanent metal roof from one of Vancouver Island leading roofing companies Victoria BC roofing company Ironwood Shake and Tile.

Our pointers comfort is our primary concern and so we felt it was important to ensure that they were well protected from the brutal and often inhospitable climates of Nanaimo, BC and Victoria, BC.

Ironwood Shake & Tile Ltd advised us that the type of roof that you need depends on where you will place the dog house. Indoor dog houses do not need as much thought and preparation. You can create any roof that you want, including leaving it flat so that your dog can sleep on top of it. Outside dog houses will need a little more thought because they will serve a purpose besides enclosing the space. It will need to be pitched to allow the rain to roll off of it. The material will need to be similar to the type of roofing you may have on your house. You will want to make sure that it is not going to leak. You may need to spend a little more on the roofing to get a sturdy and lasting material. A pitched room will also help with ventilation as Nanaimo BC based roofing company Ironwood informed us regarding our roofing selection.

Door Space

For an outdoor dog, yvictoria-bc-dog-house-roofingou want your dog to be able to get out of the rain and into a dry area. One way to create this is to place a barrier that will not allow water to get in. For instances, you could put a plastic door in that your dog could push open and will close behind your dog. You could also create a dog house that is just a little bit off the ground so that your dog has to step up into it. This way any rain water would run under the dog house rather than into in to it. This is an important consideration but is secondary to that of choosing the right roofing materials and construction as we’ll cover shortly.

For an indoor dog, your goal should be to give your dog a space all their own. You could easily put a curtain in so that it closes behind your dog. Another neat idea is so place your dog house with a door that leads outside. That way your pet can go outside directly from their dog house without you having to let them out. No matter if you dog is an indoor or outdoor pet, you need to remember to measure your dog so that you can create a doggy door big enough to accommodate them.

Feeding Area

For some pet parents, having a space to feed their pet is essential. You can create a space for feeding by placing a hinged door either in the roof of on the side of the house. This way you can open the dog house and feed your dog without having to reach into the dog house through the door. You could also build a storage area for both food and treats attached to the dog house, yet inaccessible to your pet. Of course, you may want to also keep extra bedding there also.

The point of a dog house is for your pet to have an accessible space to keep them comfortable and happy. If you keep that in mind, you will build the perfect house for your pet.

Building a dog house is a lot of fun. It is one of the few DIY projects that you can tackle and finish in one weekend. The reward is giving your pet a dog house that they will, hopefully, love and use daily. So we might as well start at the top of the dog house and discuss key features that can make your dog house awesome.


dog-house-roofing-constructionThere are a few ways to insulate your dog house. You could put in standard insulation, like you would for your home. However, most dog owners find that hay or cedar chips will work perfectly. You will need to change them out regularly to make sure that the dog house stays clean. The benefit of cedar chips is that it will also help to rid your dog of fleas. You could use blankets for an inside dog, but mostly the insulation step can be skipped for an inside dog. As most heat of your dog house will be lost through the attic, again it’s crucial to find a qualified local roofer or roofing company who can advise you on how to protect the top part of your dog house.


Keeping air circulating will help keep your dog cool in summer months and will keep illness down. For an inside dog this is easy. You can place holes near the top that allow breathing space. For an outside dog, you may need to get creative. You could place slits at the top of the house with covers over them that will keep water from getting in. You can also build windows that can be left open during the warm months, but be covered in the cooler months. Consider installing a ceiling fan or air hole in the roof of your dog house as hot air will rise to the top of the roof and can then be freely circulated and escape through a roof vent.


The flooring needs to be water proof and easily cleaned. You can place the dog house on a base that will also rain water to run under it, but the floor has to withstand anything that the dog drags in on its paws. A waterproof flooring can easily be sprayed down with a hose is going to help you to keep it clean.

Once you have these few things in mind, you can create a dog house that is unique as your dog,

German Shorthaired Pointers Dogs



The German Shorthaired Pointer Dogs generally belong to the medium to large sized breed of dogs that were developed back in 19th century in Germany for the purpose of hunting. The classes of these types of dogs are efficient yet influential. They have muscular and strong legs that make them capable to move quickly and spin fast. They have quite long and soft ears that are usually set high on the head. Its muzzle is long, broad, and strong, that permits it to get back even to serious game. Overall, the profile of this dog is more or less straight or strongly Roman nosed. Their eyes are usually brown with a generally docked tail, which is now banned in some of the places.

The correct location for dock for German shorthaired pointer dogs is after the caudal vertebrae start to twist, which leaves sufficient tail to let the dog be in touch with others through tail wagging and progress.  The docked tail should neither be too long nor too short but it should stabilize the look of the head and body of the dog and make it look balanced and proportional. The tail of German shorthaired pointers is accepted at a jaunty angle, not bent under. Just like all other German pointers, they also have webbed feet. They are identified for going after water fowl in the water.

The coat of German shorthaired pointer’s is quite short and smooth with a very thick undercoat that is sheltered through the hairs of the dog. It makes the coat too water resistant which allows the dog to keep warm when they get in contact with cold air or water. They generally have brown or dark brown color which is often referred as chocolate colored. They are also called black colored in some of the areas where they are subjected to ineligibility in shows that are sanctioned by American Kennel Club. These kinds of breed are quite intelligent and very quick. They are very independent in nature and can be handled easily because they do not get easily lost even if you lose them off your sight. They have a superb skill of hunting accompanied by a personality that is incredibly companionable. Because of its high intelligence and the obedience towards the owner, it is acknowledged as one of the most trusted and popular breeds in the world.

They need various types of physical training and activities and they are capable and excited about lots of work out and exercise with running and jumping. Their requirement to exercise a lot is coupled with their natural sense that needs to hunt because it completes them as a well trained breed. The GSP’s undeniably self-sufficient character means that any vacant energy will most probably result in the amusement of the dog itself. It can produce many unavoidable and destructive tendencies if the owner fails to provide him with a surrounding to offer active and intelligent exercise and an atmosphere where it can get its proper training.